Hi! My name is Karolina and I take pictures. I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand. In fact, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to photography until I’ve started to travel which became my biggest love (after my husband of course). I wanted to start capture beauty of the moments so I can remember it better. I’ve realized quickly that I’m not able to travel without photography but I can photograph without travels. That’s why I’ve started to learn: firstly in Center of Creative Activities (Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych) in Wrocław, Poland and later I’ve graduated (Master degree) from Photography in Journalism. I’ve started to photograph families because – just like during my travels – each moment in their lives is unique and extraordinary. Few years and thousands of beautiful moments captured in the pictures later I went to travel the world with my husband (it’s actually our Never Ending Honeymoon). We’ve been to the most amazing places in Europe, South America, spent an amazing year in New Zealand which is a real heaven for landscape photographers! Now I’m exploring next photogenic heaven: Canada! My husband even jokes that each time he says „how beautiful” seeing some nice scenery, I’m already there with camera in my hand cannot resist taking a photo. Well, actually it’s not a joke. Photography led me to graphic design which I’m also passionate about. I’m working on my portfolio which will be available online soon.

Check my portfolio and if you’re interested in cooperation (I do family, landscape, and product shots) or want to buy my photos, let me know by sending an inquiry via contact form or e-mail me! If you’d like to check out my travel blog here it is – it’s only in polish though.